4 Things We Can Learn from Our Kids

October 30, 2017

kids playing in the dark

Kids have life sorted. They don't make decisions based on any particular group of priorities or schedule. Instead, they look at all immediately available options and choose what is either the most fun or failing that, the nearest or easiest option.

We understand, both as mothers and owners of a company that makes designer kids clothes. Many children, if left to their own devices would define kids clothing as whatever piece of material is available (nearest and easiest). Luckily, they have parents to make sure kids clothesare functional, an actual garment and not covered in some strange green substance.

But, there are plenty of things we could learn from our children, apart from an effective and streamlined decision-making process

Here are four other things we could learn from our kids:

  1. Live in the Moment

Have you ever tried to get your child excited about something that was happening in a weeks time? They hear what's going to happen, get more and more enthusiastic and then discover that it's not taking place in the next 10 minutes and lose all interest.

Kids only care about the thing they are doing, or are just about to do. When they play, they are completely engulfed in the game. You never see a child playing while doing something else, unless that other thing involves playing.

As adults we learn to multitask, which is a fancy way of saying that we stop focusing on the thing we are doing, and start thinking about whatever we will be doing next.

  1. Do What You Love

Children want to do what they want to do. As we get older, we stop thinking about what we want to do, and – for some bizarre reason – start working out what we should be doing.

Left to their own devices, a child's schedule would look something like this –

Morning – get up

Rest of the day – play, eat ice cream, play

Night – sleep

As adults, we work hard daily to fulfil all our obligations and are proud of ourselves for being so grown-up when we managed to do so. Our version of a "good day," is entirely different to what it was when we were younger.

In fact, many adults are so accustomed to this way of living that if you asked them what they would do if they had some free time, they would struggle to come up with something they would genuinely love to do.

  1. Stretch Our Comfort Zone

Kids don't climb trees and jump over things when they can't see the other side because they are good at it. In fact, if they stopped to think about what they were doing they would end up sitting on seats, watching other kids play. They would worry about ripping their clothes, grazing their knees and what would happen if…

Kids are constantly stretching themselves, of course, if you asked them, they would say they were just doing fun stuff.

  1. Think Better

Adults love to cram their brains with as much stuff as possible. From to-do lists to feeling guilty for not visiting a friend, to being uncomfortable with the way they look and feeling afraid because the world is uncertain. Adults are masters at using every part of their brain, for all the wrong reasons.

Kids think...they just do it way better than adults do. If an adult's brain were a room, it would be messy; packed to the brim with old stuff that was covered in cobwebs and dust, along with a bunch of new things constantly being thrown on top, without consideration for how much space there is or if anything else was needed.

The child's brain is a minimalistic apartment.

There are four plain white walls, and one thing sitting in the middle of the room. That thing is whatever that child happens to be paying attention to at that particular moment. When something new comes in, that old thing is taken outside. It can come back, just not right now.

This imagery is going to be really annoying next time you tell your child to tidy their room.

When we are kids, we're not perfect. But there are things that we forget as we get older; skills that we lose and attitudes that we come to see as negative. Maybe we could learn a thing or two from those awesome lil' people.

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