5 Top Tips for the perfect Brand Rep Image - by Mosaic Photographika

  1. Backdrop - Take time to select the right back drop. Keep it simple, plain with a little texture. You want the clothing to be the stand out not the backdrop. 
  2. Style the Image - Take time to style the clothing correctly. Make sure Items of clothing are sitting just right. Make sure any logos can clearly be seen. 
  3. Lighting is the key - If photographing in natural light do not shoot in the middle of the day. Midday sun casts harsh shadows. Overcast conditions are the best, look for soft light which is best found early morning or very late afternoon. 
  4. Composition- anyone can take a photo but but there is an art to taking a photo that draws the eye and stands out from the pack! Don't always place the subject smack bang in the middle of the frame... use some negative space to create impact & don't have too much going on around the subject.
  5. Keep your subject happy! They say never work with animals or children 😂😂😂. To get them at their best make sure they are well fed, hydrated and keep the tone of the shoot fun! 


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