Trendy Urban Culture Clothes & Streetwear Clothing For Kids

For the last couple of decades, there’s been an explosion of hip clothing styles for adults that took the world by storm. Whilst the adult’s fashion scene grew children still seemed to be dressed in mismatched ball gowns, baggy pants, hand me downs and anything but fashionable wear. + Read More

Luckily, a few of us saw the desperate need to get our tiny tots looking as fresh as can be and urban culture clothing for kids was soon a reality.

Our Story So Far

When we had children, we were looking for something a little bit more hip-hop and urban styled for our little ones, and we found the market was particularly lacking. This lead us to coming together to produce Lil’ Mr.

We searched far and wide for designers that shared our vision for unique, easy-to-wear clothing that any and all kids can rock. Since our inception in 2014, we’ve kept to the vision that drives us; that is having high-quality, affordable designs that kids simply love to wear.

Kids Streetwear: Take Your Mini’s Fashion Game to The Next Level

Our styles have certainly evolved like any good fashion should, but our philosophy has not budged an iota, and we still make sure that we produce kick-ass kidswear that is different, high quality, and most importantly, comfortable and practical for everyday kid activities. We believe that kids should have as much fun as possible, but that they can look great doing it. Recently we’ve added a small range of adult street style clothing, just because so many moms and dads fell in love with our style.

We’ve had some pretty important mini people buy some of our clothing from the Kardashians to Jules and Guy Sebastian’s little ones, but that is not exclusively what we’re after; we want every kid to feel important and to rock what they’re in. We are all about an inclusive range with an exclusive style that every child feels fresh in. No matter who you are, or where you are from, getting into a Lil’ Mr Outfit will up your style game like never before.

Our Famous Range of Trendy Kids Clothing

Now, we love everything in our range, or we wouldn’t sell it – but there are a few special ranges that our clients seem to simply love. Here’s a variety of our hippest ranges to choose from:


Our B3ACH STR33T range turns up the heat but keeps your kid cool through the summer. This next level range features everything from pinafores and hoodies, bodysuits and Lil’ swimming shorts, savage shorts and Lil’ stud muscle tees.

Camo Clothing

Our Como Clothing range is the kind of camouflage that certainly won’t hide your kids. Looking this great, they’ll stand out from the crowd. Our Lister Anoraks and Lil’ Commandos will help your kids feel G all through the day.

Why Buy From Us?

When it comes to Kids Streetwear Clothing, we are second to none in Australia. Our unique, exceptional range of clothing makes every kid comfortable, cool and collected.

If you have any questions, send us an email on or simply message us through one our social media platforms and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

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