About Lil' Mr

Lil’ Mr is a dynamic team of Melbourne based kids clothing designers brought together by Mums Xenia and Kylie. In 2014 and with three children each, the two friends were looking for hip-hop and urban styled streetwear (link) for their kids. Oh, and it had to be tough enough to stand up to the punishment handed out by 2 years olds, through to 12 year olds. That’s a lot of punishment.

So, Lil’ Mr was born. Unique style and exceptionally high quality that reflects the beautiful diversity of the awesome kids who rock the designs. The philosophy has never changed, even as the styles have evolved; to create kick-ass kids street wear that is unique, of the highest quality and most of all is comfortable and practical enough to let kids do their thang! We even have a small range of adult street style (link) pieces available for the many adults who love our style.

It doesn’t matter if you are one of the many celebrities who wear our threads : (Aidan Xiong or the Kardashian Kids or Guy and Jules Sebastian to name a few,) or if you are the cool kid next door. We don’t care who you are, what you have or where you’re from (sung in the tune of Backstreet Boys)…..boy or girl…if you have style and attitude…you are a Lil’ Mr!  We are changing the face of children's fashion, Lil' by Lil'.